Grievance & Complaints Policy

Kingston ASC – Grievance & Complaints Policy


The purpose of this grievance and complaints procedure is to ensure that all swimmers, members, coaches, volunteers, parents and carers are aware of the correct procedure to follow when voicing or raising a concern; making a complaint informal or formal; or expressing a grievance.

The procedure will ensure that any concerns/complaints/grievances are dealt with appropriately, timeously and in a manner that attempts to lessen any stress or anxiety that these situations may be causing.


Raising a Concern – Informal

If your concern is related to your Child’s performance, behavior/attitude, the running of a squad or any other issue causing you concern, you should raise the concern informally in the first instance.  This should be addressed to the coach who normally takes the session (not a volunteer).

KASC would respectfully ask that if you wish to have an informal chat with the squad coach, please advise the coach you would like to speak privately.  This chat should not take place poolside.

Alternatively you can address your concern to the Club Secretary who will direct you to the most appropriate member of the team.

It is hoped that through open and honest discussion, any issue of concern can be dealt with both promptly and informally, and all parties involved can reach an agreed outcome.


Raising a Concern – Formal

If you feel that your concern is not fully addressed by informal discussion, you have the option of escalating your concern and making a formal complaint/formal grievance.

Formal complaints/grievances should be made in writing to the Club Executive committee via giving details of your concern and why you are not satisfied with outcome of your informal discussions.  If your complaint relates directly to the Club Secretary please send to

Your written complaint/grievance will be acknowledged with 7 days of receipt.

The complaint/grievance will be considered by an Enquiry Panel consisting of 3 Committee Members who will undertake to consider the matter confidentially, quickly, fairly and as reasonably as possible.  You will receive a response from the Enquiry Panel within 21 days; in exceptional circumstances this may be increased however you will be advised of any delays.


Still not Satisfied?

If you feel that your complaint/grievance is  not fully addressed and you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to appeal it.  You may ask for the Club Chairperson to review the issue.

You should do this in writing to and you will receive an acknowledgment within 7 days.

The Chair will consider the whole matter anew, and may carry out further investigations at their discretion.  The Chair will determine the matter by one of the following:

  • Upholding the original decision
  • Upholding your letter of appeal
  • Submitting their own decision on the matter

You will be advised of this decision in writing within 21 days of receipt of your appeal letter.

What Next?

If after all of the above you remain dissatisfied, you have the right to appeal to Scottish Swimming(SASA), no later than 30days from the date of the conclusion of the Club’s internal Grievance Procedure at


Malicious concern, complaint, grievance

At KASC we want to encourage a culture of trust, honesty and open communication.  However if it is suspected and can be evidenced that the concern/complaint/grievance raised is malicious, then the Clubs Executive Committee may take further action against the complainant.


Reference to KASC Constitution

BL 4.2                   Grievances
BL 4.3                   Complaints
BL 4.4                   Appeals
R14.0                    Club Grievance Procedures



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