How do I join Kingston Swim Club?
We hold regular Time Trials for new swimmers. Please email membership@kingstonasc.com or complete the online membership form if you wish to be placed on our waiting list.


How much does club monthly fee cost?

Squad                          Monthly Fee

TP1                               £14.00
TP2                               £14.00
BP1                               £28.00
BP2                               £28.00
BP3                               £28.00
MP1                               £28.00
MP2 ShortCourse      £36.00
MP2 LongCourse       £36.00



Where does the club train?
We train at Castlemilk Swimming Pool, Glasgow. See this page for more details.


What are the training times?
We currently have 2-3 training nights a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on your squad listing – and also 2 sessions on a Sunday. Details of session times can be viewed here

All swimmers should be poolside at least 10 minutes before their session in order to warm up.


What equipment will I need?
You will need jammers/swimsuit, cap, goggles, fins, a kickboard and a pullbuoy.
Most of these can be purchased through the club. Remember to bring a bottle of water along too!


Where can I buy club T-shirts?
If you wish to buy Kingston T-shirts, bags or any other equipment, please see Kat Herd in the gallery or email equipment@kingstonasc.com.


What is the Mini League?
Please see this page for details on the Mini League.


What are the Kingston Sprints?
For more information on the Kingston Sprints, please see this page.

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