Club Members Annual Renewal

1st March 2020 – 31st March 2021

    Name of swimmers I am completing this on behalf of:

    I confirm I have completed the Kingston ASC photography and video consent form.

    I confirm I have read the Kingston ASC Privacy notice.

    I confirm I have checked and/or updated my families SASA membership details on the Scottish Swimming portal

    I confirm I have transferred annual membership fees (for bank reference please use name of child/children)

    Sort code: 82-64-07
    Account Number: 60534556

    1 child £75
    2 children £140
    3 children £210
    4 children £255

    Confirm Annual Membership Payment

    I confirm I have set up/amended my standing order, to the bank account above, to pay monthly fees on the 1st of each month, starting 1st March 2020. I understand if we wish to leave the club that we need to give 1 month’s notice, in writing to the club secretary, email

    Teaching Pool £14
    Boom Pool £28
    Main Pool session 1 £28
    Main Pool session 2 £36

    Confirm Monthly Standing Order Set Up

    All swimmers parents/guardians, volunteers & coaches associated with kingston ASC are required to abide by Scottish swimming code of conduct.

    We confirm we have read all the relevant code of conducts for the roles we do and accept that if we take on other roles throughout the year we will update ourselves and abide by the relevant code of conduct.

    The document can be viewed at Scottish Swimming Wellbeing and Protection Document

    All parents/guardians must complete this section. Please list any/all parents, step parents, grand-parents and legal guardians that are associated in any capacity with your child in their association with Kingston ASC.

    Relationship to child:

    Relationship to child:

    Relationship to child:

    Relationship to child:

    I confirm the swimmers, parents/guardians & volunteers have read the relevant code of conduct and agree to abide by them.

    I understand that membership of the club includes a commitment to volunteer and as a minimum each parent/guardian is expected to do timekeeping

    I/we currently volunteer for the Club as

    I/we have the following skills I/we can offer to the club:

    I would like to continue to receive Kingston ASC Splash emails to keep me updated about all club related events

    Your email address:

    Your name:

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