Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents/Carers/Volunteers/Swimmers

Due to the coronavirus outbreak it is highly likely that we will have to cancel swim training sessions in the very near future. Please keep an eye out for e-mails/texts and facebook with the latest updates as this is likely to be very short notice dependent on when we have updated information from Scottish Swimming- we are currently still awaiting the outcome of todays discussion.

In the meantime it is imperative that no swimmer, coach or carer attends if they have any symptoms of new persistent cough or fever or there is any history of contact with a confirmed covid 19 case or travel to or from a significantly affected area.

We would also like to remind those who do attend to observe strict hygiene principles of hand washing and swimmers must shower before entering the Pool. We cannot guarantee that other users of the Pool will have followed these principles and also it is a possibility that asymptomatic people who have the virus could be present.

We completely respect that all parents/carers may have their own feelings about this and may opt not to send their children to swimming. It would be helpful if we could have an idea of numbers so we know whether it is realistic to run training or not.

Scottish Swimming have issues advice for Clubs as regards the coronavirus outbreak which can be found here –

Thanks very much for your understanding.

The Kingston ASC Committee


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