Club Constitution – Change – Issue 6

It came to the attention of the Club that we have had two different editorial copies of the constitution  within  the club . The matters were discussed and the document edited to reflect the correct text which is the following;

BL3.1 The financial year shall run from 1st January to 31st December each year.”

and policies list under R3.0 :

a) Child Protection Policy b) Recruitment & Selection Policy for Voluntary Members c) Policy for Use of Photographic & Video Equipment d) Equal opportunities Policy 

The document has also been further corrected only to format the headers style to fix the issue with the content page showing missing  page number ( see website pdf copy showing ” .. ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED” ). As a results the contents list is now showing only the main sections as intended.

Please also note below;

Additions to Regulations in Constitution:

R17.4 iv) Each member shall pay the stated monthly fees for training sessions that they are assigned to by the Head Coach. Such payments, as per the set monthly fee in force, must be made by Standing order to Clubs designated bank account

R17.4 v) The management committee shall review the monthly fees, if required, at a General Meeting, and amend the fees as required to ensure Clubs financial stability.

R17.4 vi) Each member shall give a period of one calendar month’s notice of their intention to leave the Club. Session fees for that month will be paid at the required rate for the swimmer’s usual sessions.

As you know we have implemented a number of new regulations  this year and we will vote them to be introduced and adopted in the constitution in the AGM 2019.

There will be a splash email out to announce these before the AGM.

We have been approached by SASA asking for the adoption of their current model Constitution, especially mandatory clauses; we seem to be up-to-date already anyway, however should we note any further changes are required  we will let you know.

Following on the AGM, we will produce Issue 7 to reflect the successful changes . Until then I kindly ask all other copies labeled as Issue 6 , dated 5th February 2017 to be deleted and replaced with the attached for future use.

Issue 6 Constitution 5th February 2017 [word doc]

Issue 6 Constitution 5th February 2017 [pdf]


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