200m Tollcross Time Trials – Times

Well done to all 25 Kingston swimmers who attended for 200m Long Course Time Trials on Sunday at Tollcross. Lots of excellent swims, and a big thanks to parents who came to act as coaches, timekeepers and starter. Great Kingston team effort! We had enough swimmers to cover the cost of the pool hire, too.

Please note that times taken in a 50m pool (Long Course – LC) cannot be directly compared to 25m pool times (short course – SC). The computer can automatically convert from one to the other.

Results are attached in 2 formats, first the long course times with LC improvement if any, and secondly improvement calculated against previous short course times. As most swimmers did not have previous 200m times recorded in a long course pool, to look at PBs its best to look at the converted times where todays times are converted to 25m pool times and then compared to previous 25m pool times.

No PB is recorded however if a swimmer did not have a previous time for that stroke and distance.

I hope that makes sense!

200m tt – results (lc) with long course improvements

200m tt -results (lc) with sc conversions for improvement


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