Summer Swimming Sessions

Timetable for Summer Swimming

Monday 3rd July – Friday 11th Aug

I am pleased to say we are able to offer summer swimming this year as follows

6.30pm -7.30 pm Main Pool session 1
7.30pm – 9pm. Main Pool session 2 (no land training)

6.45pm – 7.25pm. Boom Pool 1
7.25pm – 8.10pm. Boom Pool 2 and 3

6pm – 7pm. Main Pool Session 1
7pm – 9pm. Main Pool Session 2

6.30pm – 7.10pm. Boom Pool 1
7.10pm – 7.50pm. Boom Pool 2 and 3

These extra sessions are not included in the monthly fees so are offered to you at £2 per session pay as you go. Please feel free to come as often as you can manage over the summer holidays

Unfortunately we do not have enough coaches to offer Teaching Pool classes over the summer.

Swimming returns to normal form Monday 14th August 2017

Any queries please ask at Front Desk


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