Kingston AGM 2017 – An Important Invitation

Kingston ASC is the oldest amateur swimming club in Glasgow. Since we were founded in 1892, we have had an unbroken tradition of volunteers giving their time to make our club the thriving, unique family club that we have today.

On the 30th of January 2017 we will hold the club’s annual general meeting (AGM) and, at that time, a number of our current committee members will retire from their roles having given many years of fantastic service to Kingston. Some of these volunteers are stepping down because their children have grown up and are moving on and some have reached the end of an agreed period of commitment. This means that there are several key roles which now need filled on the committee and I would strongly encourage you to consider volunteering for a role to allow the club to function.

To be clear, the club will not continue to function in the way that it has done without people filling these roles.

The roles that we already know will need to be filled at the AGM are:

Vice Chair
Meet Secretary
Entry Secretary
Social Convener
Parent Representative
Coach Liaison
Equipment Secretary

The people currently in these roles are happy to support anyone coming into the role with guidance and advice during a transition period and we have the full support of our Scottish Swimming Regional Development Manager to help with any concerns. There has never been a better time to step up and volunteer for a committee position – we have fantastic coaching staff, a dedicated and friendly committee, great volunteer helpers, a sound and harmonious relationship with pool management and, most importantly, a fabulous group of talented swimmers in the club.

It doesn’t take much – please come and speak to any of the current committee if you’d like to discuss any of the roles or ask at the front desk and Jenny, Frank or Lynn will point you in the right direction.


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