Mini Leaguers make the Final

Well done to the Kingston mini league swimmers! They have made it to the 2015 Clyde Coast ML Final.

Yesterday was truly a team effort with a great turn out of officials, helpers and  supporters. There were many fantastic swims from swimmers at every level and they had a great day.  So all round a big win for the Club.

We collected 154 score points gaining 3 match points giving us a total of 13.

A big well done to Rutherglen who collected enough points to make the final as well, they collected 214 score points on the day and a total of 12 match points.

The final league tables:

1st City of Glasgow , 15
2nd Inverclyde, 13,
3rd North Ayrshire, 13
4th South Ayrshire, 13
5th KINGSTON, 13
6th Rutherglen, 12

7th M&B , 12
8th Scotia, 11
9th Ren96, 11
10th Kilmarnock, 10
11th Dumfries, 8
12th West Dumbarton , 8


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