New Kingston Swim Squads (Main Pool) 2015/2016

We’re pleased to announce our new Kingston swim squads for the main pool for 2015/2016 season.

Details of our new squads are outlined below along with details of the new session times for each squad.

New session arrangements will take effect from Monday 2nd March.

Kingston Swim Squad Overview

If you have any questions after reading the website info, please ask your coach or at the desk.

The new squad system is designed to allow all our swimmers to progress and meet their swimming potential. Club coaches will tune the training programs to best fit the ability of the swimmers in each squad. Swimmers will advance through the groups as their swim performance improves.

Bronze squad swimmers will swim twice per week, for one hour in each session.

Silver squad swimmers will swim 3 times per week, plus 30 minutes of land training.

Gold squad swimmers will swim 3 times per week, plus 60 minutes of land training.

Detailed schedules are outlined below.

Squad Training Schedules

Good attendance is important for all swimmers, along with taking part in competitions when invited.

Squad Mon 6.30-7.30 Mon 7.30-9 Wed 7.30-9 Fri 6-7 Fri 7-7.30 Fri 7.30-9
Bronze Swim Swim
Silver Swim Swim Land Training Swim
Gold Land Training Swim Swim Swim Swim

Swimmers Kit

For all sessions please could swimmers bring a water bottle, swim fins and pull buoy to training.


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