Membership and SASA fees now due

The Kingston club membership and SASA fees are now due for all members wishing to renew their membership from 1st of March 2015. This year SASA have increased their fees, which were static for the last 3 years, and as a result Kingston have had to increase accordingly. The new costs are set out below.

In addition we require all members to renew their Mandates for the coming year and forms can be picked up and returned at the front desk. The monthly fees will remian the same as last year and payment via the standing order process is required.

This is always a hectc time of the year for the committee members and it would be appreciated if all fees could be paid as soon as possible.

Many thanks for you valued membership and we look forward to another successful year for Kingston ASC.


Membership fees increase £10 in line with SASA.
1 Child £75.00
2 Children £140.00
3 or More Children £190.00

Club Monthly Fees:

Fee remains the same as last year.
2 Sessions £20.00 per month
3 Sessions £30.00 per month
Note: Monthly fees are required to be paid by Standing Order.


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