Club Gala 2013

This year’s Club Gala will be held on Friday 3rd May at Castlemilk Pool.

All swimmers should be poolside in plenty of time for the warm-up at 6:30pm with the first event starting around 6:50pm.

The first session will consist of 6 events for swimmers in the Boom Pool (2 for each session, boys & girls), followed by 18 for those in the Main Pool, from ages 8 & Under up to 16 & Over. All events in this session will be freestyle.

Some events have been combined in order to reduce the meet running time & give our swimmers the opportunity to compete together. This means there will occasionally be both boys and girls swimming in the pool at the same time. They will still be swimming in separate events and the winner of each will receive an award.

Following the first session there will be a brief interval during which time medals will be presented to the competing swimmers. All participants will receive a medal, with gold, silver and bronze being awarded for the top 3 places.

The swimmers in the Teaching Pool will then give a brief demonstration of the techniques they have been learning this year and I’m sure we’ll all support them as they show off their skills and hard work.

The second session will be comprised of alternate Breast and Back Stroke events, dependant on swimmer age. All Boom Pool swimmers will swim Back Stroke.

Medals will then be awarded for the second session prior to the end of the competition. So come along and cheer on all our swimmers at this year’s Kingston Club Gala!

The Committee


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