Monthly Fees Pilot Scheme

Take the opportunity to save up to £28 on pool swim fees.

Following consultation with members, a motion to pilot a voluntary monthly pay plan was carried at the AGM. This will run from March 1st to June 26th and you sign up for the whole period.
If you wish to be enrolled on this you would pay Helena at the front desk on the 1st of each month or the Monday/Friday session immediately after. At present by cash or cheque only.
There are three categories 3 night swimmers, 2 night swimmers and boom/teaching pool swimmers. You have recently been told if you are a 3 night swimmer or a 2 night swimmer.

3 night swimmers £41/month
2 night swimmers £27/month
Boom/Teaching pool £22/month

Allowing for closure on Good Friday and Easter Monday and the Club Gala night, and restricted pool access for the boom/teaching pool, the payments over the 4 month period compare as follows;

3 nights swimmers paid weekly is £192 or paid monthly £164
2 nights swimmers paid weekly is £124 or paid monthly is £108
Boom/Teaching pool swimmers is £104 or paid monthly is £88

If you wish to sign up to this offer and save yourself money please collect a form from the front desk and return the tearoff slip with your first payment, for each swimmer you bring.


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