Wednesday Training Session

To all members,

Please note that as from Monday 28th January 2013, we are putting in place new training programmes for all swimmers in the main pool (both sessions). This is to increase and improve the quality of training the coaches can provide for all Kingston swimmers and we believe will provide a better environment for all those who want the opportunity to reach their goals for both fitness and at a competitive level.

As of Monday, training sessions will be as follows –

Sessions remain as before with a reduction in the number of lanes for our use to 4 (from 5). First session begins at 6:30pm and second session at 7:30pm.

We now have an additional Wednesday session with 4 lanes running from 7:30 to 9:00pm.

The first session will now start at 6:00pm (30 minutes earlier) and the second session at 7:30pm.

All swimmers will be informed by letter as to any changes to their training schedule and should note any change of times their sessions begin at. Your coaches will take you through the new programme next week.

Boom and Teaching Pool swimmers and sessions are unaffected by the new programme and will remain as before.

Many thanks,
The Committee and Coaches, Kingston ASC


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