Kingston Club Gala 2012

Kingston’s 2012 Club Gala will take place tonight at 6:00pm at Castlemilk Pool.

The gala will be divided into two sessions, with a short break in between for awarding medals and to allow the swimmers in the Teaching Pool to give a short demonstration.

Swimmers will be divided into separate age groups, but in order to reduce running time there will be some combined events where there will be more than one race taking place in the pool at the same time.

Swimmers will be competing in two events each – Front Crawl during the first session and either Breast Stroke or Back Crawl in the second, depending on their age as at 30th June. Those with odd-numbered ages will swim Back Crawl & those with even, Breast Stroke.

Programmes will be available at the Kingston Front Desk at the pool.

The gala will start at 6:00pm sharp, so please remember to be at the pool in plenty of time.

We hope that everyone enjoys the evening, so remember to cheer for all our swimmers as they compete for medals and trophies in the –

2012 Kingston Club Gala!


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