Mini League Round 2 – Bus from Castlemilk

Could all swimmers who have been selected for Round 2 of this year’s Mini League please note that the bus will be at Castlemilk Pool at 1.00pm on Saturday 21st April to take the team down to Auchenharvie Leisure Centre. Transport on the bus will be free of charge for all swimmers who have paid their entry fee. For anyone else wishing to travel on the bus we would ask a small donation of £3 each to help cover costs. There should be plenty of room for parents, so why not save yourselves the stress of driving and head on down with the team.

Castlemilk Pool staff have requested that if Kingston parents are travelling down on the bus could they please not leave their cars in the pool car park in order that it is available for use by other customers. There is a car park in the nearby business centre they have advised us to use.

The warm-up for this gala will be at 2.35pm with a start time of 3.00pm, expected to finish around 5.30pm.


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