The KASCCAM Cup 2012

We are champions!!!! I’ve been dying to say that since coming back to Kingston.

Sunday was the inaugural KASCCAM cup between Kingston, Clydebank and Airdrie ‘n’ Monklands. It was a special cup as its raced against similar small clubs like Kingston. It allowed Kingston to measure itself against clubs of similar ability, and we came out on top!

The swims spoke for themselves. The effort, technique & attitude from all swimmers was what we, the coaches, aim for. All swimmers, ranging from Olivia McKendrick and Ellie Stirling in the boom pool, to Hannah Paterson and Jen Austin in the senior squad had really good races.

I’d like to also thank the committee and parents who helped put the event together. Nothing rewards a swimmer better after a hard race than plenty of sandwiches, cakes and treats lol. (I’m still looking for my piece of chocolate cake, if found please return)

Hopefully this experience, and good feeling, will continue with the younger swimmers as we compete for the Mini lLeague on Saturday. Let’s keep the winning mentality and effort.

And so, without further delay, I present to you the KASSCAM Cup 2012, with your captains and vice captains.

Rob Mills
Kingston Coach


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