Kingston at the 2012 Nationals

March 2012 marked a huge occasion for Kingston. It was the first time it had entered a team into the Scottish National Championships. Not only did we enter 1 team, we entered 2!

The efforts of Jennifer Austin, Rebecca Boyle, Rebecca Burns, Jocelyn Burns, Jennifer Main, Hannah Paterson, Niamh Storey, Olivia Storey, Erin Stevens and Jennifer Wood combined to form the 10-14 and 15-18 Girls 4x100m Front and Medley relay teams.

There was no mistaking the fact that we were going to be last place. Our target for the weekend was to narrow the distance between them and us. This involved a lot of extra training and dedication from them and the results showed it.

For most of the girls, it was the first time competing at an event like this.  The older and more experienced girls showed a lot of leadership to make sure the younger girls didn’t get overwhelmed. Also, if it wasn’t for the help from Diane Burns and Colette Storey, we’d have all probably starved or gotten lost. We all appreciated their help.

With the event being in Sunderland it allowed Paul and me time to mingle with the girls and learn a little more about them.

Jen A is great at reading a sat nav.
Erin is very suspicious of everyone.
Jen M is unbeatable at guessing movie characters.
Joc hasn’t seen ANY disney films and was the bowling champ.
Niamh is the ultimate poser.
Olivia has shoulders stiffer than tree branches.
Reb B is the best butler haribo can buy.
Bex LOVES McD’s.
Hannah is the ultimate loser at “5’s.”
Jen W pulls the best face when swimming lol.
Paul really can’t operate without irn bru/red bull.
Oh and apparently I snore…. No proof of this so the judgement is still out.

This trip was always about the experience and allowing our top end swimmers the chance to see how the best do it.  Hopefully this will teach them that we’re not just making it up as we go.  We aim to go again next year but will only go if the girls beat a time set out by Paul.

So the challenge has been set. Will the same girls go again next year? Will they train hard and beat the criteria set out? In swimming there are few guarantees but I can guarantee that if the hard work is put in, then the results will show.

Rob Mills


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