South Ayrshire Graded – Results

The results are in from this year’s South Ayrshire Graded Meet on the 9th of October – and what a fantastic job our swimmers did!
Congratulations to all involved who put in a great effort which paid off really well.
Special merit goes to our medal winners –

Rebecca Burns
Jamie Carroll
Niamh McKendrick
Sinéad Mackle
Hannah Paterson
Chris Perceval-Maxwell
Niamh Storey

also to Niamh and Jamie who swam too fast in 2 events.

We also gained 4 new club records on the day –

Sinéad Mackle: Girls Open 100m IM
David Wood: Boys Under 13s 100m Breast Stroke
David Wood: Boys Under 13s 100m Front Crawl
David Wood: Boys Under 13s 100m IM

Well done too to our younger swimmers and those who were competing for the first time. Kingston really shone at this gala and everyone who took part can be proud of all their hard work.

Some pictures can be found on our Photo Gallery (sorry about the quality)


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