West Districts Group 5 at Ayr – Coaches Report

A lot of hard work was done by the West District squad over the summer and it has paid off with great rewards. No less than 10, yes 10 club records have been broken and we now have a couple of medallists in our wee club.

Hannah Paterson got an individual bronze for her 50m breast.

David Brown got a 5th place medal for his 50m fly.

Hannah Paterson, Olivia Storey, Rebecca Burns and Jennifer Wood got a bronze for their 200m IM relay and a fantastic silver for their 200m free relay.

The whole team had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

From a coaches’ point of view it’s great to see the hard work reaping rewards, but like everything there is always room for improvement. I hope that this will spur the rest of the team onto bigger and better things. I’ll say it now, WE WANT A GOLD!!!

The team showed a great togetherness and unity, especially after a long and tiring weekend. It’s great to see that each swimmer is always cheering on each other and is always looking to improve.

Another fantastic weekend for Kingston and hopefully the beginning of many more.

Rob Mills, Coach


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