West District Report – Group 4, 4th & 5th June

With all the good work done the previous weekend at the M&B by the youngsters, it was time for the older ones to take back the spotlight.
The West Districts pull in the best swimmers from the West of Scotland and all compete to be the best. It is with great pride that Hannah Paterson, Ciaran Brady, Jenny Wood, Olivia Storey, Jamie Carroll and Rebecca Burns can count themselves within that elite group.

Jamie had the toughest task in swimming 6 races over 4 sessions. Every swimmer did well and the effort from all was never in question, some were more eager to get in the pool than others…. Jenny lol.

Since the swimmers are becoming more used to these types of competitions, some are developing rather… interesting techniques before racing.
Bex’s last minute panic “OMG.. WHAT AM I SWIMMING?… HOW MANY LENGTHS??” literally 30 seconds before diving in.
Jamie’s intimidation dance. (Wee shake of the shoulders while staring the other swimmers out) “YEEAAAHHHH” lol.

With the weekend over it has become apparent that Bex and Hannah achieved Club Records with their 50 free and 50 breast respectively. I’d like to offer the girls a well deserved WELL DONE and shows that their hard work in training is paying off. Their names will now be in the club records for some time and I’m sure they won’t give it up easily.

So with the boys getting all the praise at the M&B meet, it looks like the girls have shown that they are just as good, if not better than the boys.
Boys V Girls… the battle continues.

Rob Mills

Full meet results can be found on the West District website at www.scotswimwest.co.uk.


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