Sunday 12th June 2011

11am until 4pm

This bag packing date coincides with our invitation to the Centenary Gala in Kilmarnock, therefore many of our swimmers will be unable to volunteer to assist with this fund-raising event.

As bag-packing is such an excellent fund-raising opportunity we would rather not cancel this booking (particularly as this is the first bag-packing opportunity we have had for a year, and opportunities to raise funds in this way are becoming increasingly limited).

We would be grateful therefore if any parents of the younger swimmers who may not be swimming in the gala could come along to help on the day.  Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  Please add you name to the rota which is now available at the club desk.

Please see Helena or Sinead for any assistance or advice needed prior to this event – thanks.


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