Parent Helpers on Poolside

We need more parents to come forward to take on duties on poolside as poolside helpers and ultimately as coaches.

At present we have 7 qualified adult coaches, a number of qualified junior coaches, and 1 adult poolside helper. However it does not take much for these resources to become stretched due to work commitments and sickness.

With such a large number of our junior poolside helpers being swimmers this means the later sessions can often need more help. It is therefore necessary for more of our helpers to be adults.

Helping and Coaching is not a black art and there is no rocket science involved! We all started in the same way, by watching, listening and using common sense. It doesn’t happen overnight but before you know it you are making a difference to the swimmers. It can be an amazing feeling, when by simple instruction, you see someone suddenly understand what you have been trying to explain to them.

Some may be concerned about the procedures required for child protection i.e. disclosure checks. This is necessary but nothing to be concerned about. Amanda Fitzpatrick (our Child Protection Officer) will be happy to answer any queries you have about this.

If you do come forward it is ultimately the swimmers who will benefit, as the more coaches we have then the more in-depth we can get with individual swimmers helping them to correct faults and improve faster.

If you know you would like to help, but are a bit unsure, then you are welcome to speak to our Head Coach Paul or any of the other coaches.


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