Basketball at the Kelvin Hall

Kingston’s first BASKETBALL EVENT was held on Sunday 13th February at the KELVIN HALL ARENA.

The day began with a training session which was conducted by Paul and Rob, along with a fellow basketball coach. The swimmers ranged in age from 6 up to 17 and the competition was fierce, with the younger children holding their own on the court! The large spectator area ensured that parents could watch the fun!

This was followed by the main event – a match between the Glasgow Rocks and the Newcastle Eagles at 5pm. The event was sold out as it is one of the best fixtures in the B.B.L., with a crowd of 4,000! The atmosphere was fantastic, the day marred only by the fact that the Rocks lost the game by 1 point! Thanks to Helena, Elaine, Alan, Gillian and Grant for organising the event.

Thanks are also due to our Head Coach, Paul, for organising and conducting the training session for us and for getting the tickets for the game. Also for offering to do it all again!

What a fun day, which we will definitely repeat! Paul will need to order more tickets next time, judging by the success of the event on Sunday!

Further details and a full review of the match can be found on the Glasgow Rocks website at –

Pictures of the event can be found on our Photo Gallery at –

Special thanks go to all those who provided photos for the club website.


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