Lazer Planet – Sunday 18th April 2010

On Sunday we went for a Kingston day out with some ‘new’ club members, you might have heard of the them …. Chewbacca, Wonderwoman, Lisa (Simpson), Yoda, The Hulk and Ned Flanders, see if you can work out who was who on the day, no prizes tho 🙂

We had a good 2 hours at the centre in Clydebank, all 22 of us, we even took some oldies along too, although they were too scared of the dark (or us) to come and join in, think they knew who would win !!.

We split into 3 teams, the RED Star Wars Team, the BLUE Superheroes Team finally the YELLOW (surprisingly) Simpson Team and had three separate games, in-between sweets, juice, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, cheeseburgers and even more juice and sweets. The RED Team won overall with a best score of 18,850, winning two of the three games and the YELLOW Team won the other game, better luck next year Superheroes 🙂

I’m sure everyone had a great day out, and I would like to thank the social team, Grant Wood and Gillian Thomson (and everyone else on the day) for organising and running this for us, look forward to the return match.

If you want to see some pictures of the event, please click here.

Douglas Birnie


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